Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) with the PiezoWave2S is a unique therapeutic option now firmly established for the treatment of a range of indications, with new areas of application being added all the time.
A large number of scientific studies, some of them using the Richard Wolf/ELvation Medical shockwave devices, have impressively demonstrated the efficacy of ESWT.
Piezo shockwave treatment is characterized by a precise mechanical pressure pulse generated intracorporeally in the target treatment area. The PiezoWave2S creates a barely perceptible, direct-focusing pressure wave outside the body without using reflectors. This external pressure wave develops into a shockwave in the target treatment area. The impact at the skin coupling site and on surrounding tissue is safe, gentle and sensitive. Extracorporeal shockwaves function as mechanical stressors which elicit specific tissue reactions. This process is known as mechanotransduction. ESWT is one of the few medical technologies which is able to efficaciously and sustainably restart self-healing processes and support them effectively. Offer added value to your patients who are consciously trying to maintain their physical capacities over the longer term and are looking for a gentle regenerative therapy.


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