The Endolaser is a versatile and powerful device that uses laser therapy to treat pain, inflammation, and accelerate tissue healing. It operates at two different wavelengths, 905 nm and 808 nm, and can deliver pulses in nanoseconds with an average power of 100 mW and peak power of up to 100 W per diode. This makes it safe to use without the risk of burning tissue. The device offers dosage recommendations for various musculoskeletal disorders and has different probes with varying total power levels. The Endolaser has a smart laser monitoring system, a full-color touchscreen, automatic dosage/time adjustment, and ergonomic probes with start-pause buttons for easy control. It is non-invasive, drug-free, and safe to use with or without skin contact. The device incorporates evidence-based clinical guidelines and has a red target light to ensure safe treatment by indicating the irradiation area of the laser beam. The Endolaser is compact and lightweight, making it fast and easy to operate with the speed of light. Overall, the Endolaser is a safe and effective device for treating various conditions using laser therapy.


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