The Enraf-Nonius Curapuls 670 is a device that offers safe and effective therapy for various disorders of the locomotor system and soft tissue restoration. It utilizes pulsed radio frequency energy to provide relief for pain and inflammation, promote post-operative wound healing, and improve circulation. The device is user-friendly, with a touch screen and intuitive use of colors that make it easy for therapists to select the best treatment for their patients. It also comes equipped with over 25 clinically proven treatment suggestions, and the “smart mode” automatically adjusts parameters based on the stage of the condition. The device can be used hands-free with the convenient arm, and therapists can simultaneously use two circuplodes for maximum effectiveness. The circuplodes are advanced inductive electrodes that provide a virtually pure magnetic field, ensuring optimum effect in deeper-lying tissues. The Curapuls 670 also offers adjustable peak power, pulse width, and pulse frequency, as well as 100 free programmable memory positions. Overall, the device is a safe, effective, and user-friendly tool for therapists treating a variety of conditions in the locomotor system and soft tissue.


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