The Bike Reha is an ergometer cycle that is ideal for cardio-respiratory training, rehabilitation, and sports training. It is designed with features that make it accessible to a wide range of patients and clients, including those with movement impairments and disabilities. The low step-through construction and the adjustable saddle and handlebars allow for easy entry and adjustability to accommodate the needs of different patients. The bike has a low resistance of just 5 Watts, which is ideal for patients with cardiorespiratory restrictions. The constant torque mode helps prevent overloading of rehabilitating patients, making it safe and pleasant to use. The Bike Reha is also suitable for athletes, with resistance that can be varied from 5 to 400 Watts, and various tests can be performed to assess their condition. The bike is controlled from the EN-Train concept, making it easy to put together an exercise protocol and set individual training values automatically. The Bike Reha is equipped with a full-color touchscreen, pulse monitoring, a low-noise belt-drive, and smart-card technology. Overall, the Bike Reha is a high-performance ergometer that is easy to operate and indispensable to any practice.

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